Studies in Zooanthropology

Our vision

HumAnimUs: Studies in Zooanthropology is an English-speaking peer-reviewed journal born out of the assumption that the human-animal divide is a concept of the past. As suggested by the word ‘zoo-anthropology’, we are zōon (animals and living beings in Greek) before being anthropos, i.e., humans. We belong to the animal kingdomalong with the rest of the living species, from mammals to fish, sharing common ancestry and evolutionary roots. At the same time, however, we have engaged in a continuous dialogue with our environment that has contributed to making us who we are. This means that there is no “special” species in the way humanism suggests, and that, far from being innate, autarchic and exclusive, our predicates – such as language, art and culture – are the fruits of this dialogue.



HumAnimUs takes this relational epistemology for granted and delves into the multiple facets of our interaction with other species, seeking to unearth its many layers, including controversial and conflicting ones. The journal releases two monographic issues per year that may feature articles but also interviews and reviews of books and films. The monographic format provides in-depth insights into specific topics related to zooanthropology, e.g., the influence of non-human animals on theatre, cinema, music, etc. These monographs offer state-of-the-art documentation in the field of zooanthropology from a perspective that rejects the discontinuity between the humanities and the natural sciences.



The journal aims to become a reference point for the debate, further development and dissemination of studies in human-animal relations with a view to devising, endorsing and implementing practical solutions for the advancement of an inter-species society. We therefore welcome contributions from diverse research fields, including philosophy and anthropology, but also ethology, biology and medicine.

Whether you are a scholar, researcher, student, or simply someone interested in our relationship with other species, HumAnimUs is an important source for thought-provoking and in-depth exploration in the field of zooanthropology.